Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Task Now Upon Me

A new task befalls me today:

To create a new blog. Reading is my life, my passion - and along the way life has been so busy with odds and ends that reading fades in and out - and consequently so do these amazing creatures known as Books. I'm a college student, a senior actually, who has spent the last few years pouring over textbooks and research papers in biology. It has taken 3 years for me to realize that none of that makes much difference. What matters: passion. My passion: Books. So, today I take upon myself a task. I want to re-live the most dearest moments of my childhood, and create new dear moments: those spent reading various tales from various lands. These books were my friends, are my friends, and today I turn to them once more. Here begins a journey, and a desire - a desire to read more, a task to read more, and to share with the world what it is I read. No one can come away with the same effects as someone else when they read a book - each of us thinks of something different, because each of us is different. So, this is not a book review, or a critique of whether what I read was good or bad. This is simply a way to read more - to make the spirit of the book come alive, to let the world know what this college student gets out of the books she reads. Who knows, you might find something of intrigue, or something you completely disagree with. The idea is exactly that.

The goal: to read as many books as possible, as different as possible, by the time I graduate college in May 2010. That gives me from October 1, 2009 to May 1, 2009 (7 months). Can I read 50? a 100? 10? Only time will tell.. and the choices I make. Welcome to my journey...

Let the books come to life!