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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In Progress update...

SO, I finished the Tao of Pooh (as you can see below). I'm still working my way through "Love begins in winter" and I think I won't start the Enchantress of Florence. I have decided to post-pone the book club joining, I will for sure join them in November. But for October, I have too many exams, assignments, etc. (yes, typical college student excuse - I know)

But in the meantime, I have started another book (it's like a book bug that bites me, lol). This one is called "The Mango Season" by Amulya Malladi. So far (and I'm not that much into it) this girl has returned to India after spending 7 years in California. She left when she was 20, and has to return, just because she has no more excuses not to. In such a relatively short time she has alienized herself from her own country - she doesn't seem to fit in, or want to fit in. I didn't spend 20 years in India - only about 6, and yet I find myself agreeing with so many of her beliefs, and disagreeing with so many of her methods. But I totally recognize that feeling of going back, meeting people you should be comfortable with - but are not anymore. Handing out present like you are Santa Claus and the politics that go into purchasing those presents, and how the other person will feel about the money you spent. I see it, as does she, as a very calculating, marriage obsessed society. But that's just the way it is, and even living here, I accept it for what it is there - I might not agree, but I won't do much about it either. This system should be changed, but I don't think anyone wants to.. It wouldn't be "proper". Lol.. and for that you should read the book.. and I shall continue to do so to see what happens with our main character (who must eventually tell her parents she is engaged to a "foreigner")

Until Next time, I leave you with this...


  1. That's an interesting new book :) One that you can identify with, eh? I hope to hear how it turns out!

  2. Yes, indeed.. I love how vividly she captures emotions and thoughts! :) And yes, hopefully soon I will finish the book and blog of my final reactions to it..