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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"The Mango Season" by Amulya Malladi

I'll be honest: I don't know where to begin!

Well, I guess I should start somewhere.. Let me re-introduce the book then!
"The Mango Season" is written by Amulya Malladi. It is the first book I have read by her - and I completely have mixed feelings. I agree with a lot of the story, the traditions, the methodology of things she mentions - the book certainly reads fast enough - and yet I'm left slightly unsatisfied.

Although Ms. Malladi does a great job developing her characters, and certainly her story - she doesn't completely finish it. I felt like the book could have had another 50-100 pages going into details of how the overly conservative family of American-return Priya actually handles her marriage to a foreigner. Perhaps even a sequel might have done it justice - alas, I was left at the end only guessing how it could have been.

This is one of those books I don't know what to talk about - probably because it didn't have such a big impact on me - or any impact for that matter. I certainly enjoyed the story, but didn't find any substance in it. Not all good stories make great literature, and this happens to be one of those - sad, but just the way it is!

I do, however, appreciate Ms. Malladi's wit in her writing - I constantly found myself chuckling at her sarcasm and strong feministic tendencies not belonging to Indian society. The twist she throws towards her reader near the end is one that leaves you laughing and in disbelief all the same. I think that right there made this read worth it - not a classic - but something light and enjoyable.

Perhaps my next endeavour will be one a little different from this.. perhaps something more along the line of "great literature" - or not - let's wait and see! :)


  1. Ah! That was a good topic for a book. I wish it was written better :)

  2. lol, yup, my only complaint! The choice of story was good - the execution not so much :) Perhaps I will enjoy another book by her, I'm going to attempt "Serving crazy with curry"