Saturday, October 23, 2010

An Update - A Situation - And a Question

Hey everyone!!! Thank you for following my blog..

Today, I have a scenario, and question for you all:

So, I am in grad school currently, and am very busy reading for classes, so my personal reading has been on hold. I try to read when I have free time on the weekend, but I always end up with a new book every week, and can't seem to stick to just one - nothing is catching my attention enough. I came to my blog today, and thought, "hey! why don't I ask you guys for an opinion?"

This is what I need: something interesting (fiction, non-fiction, classic, etc.) - nothing too out there (sci-fi, fantasy, etc.) - that is fairly short (under 200 pages), that I can be interested in and get through in one weekend. Preferably it can be found on the world wide web as a pdf or on amazon as a kindle book. (I do have access to a library, so that really is just a preference).

I'm excited to see what you all recommend! :)