Thursday, July 21, 2011

Someday I Hope To Be

SO, today I have decided to try a new kind of post - I usually talk about what I've read.. however, it's summer, and I'm busy studying for the CPA exam (and it's taking up my life!) and so all I've really been reading are light summer novels that there is not much to say about (because frankly, there is nothing more to them then their face value). So, let's change things up a bit.. From now on, I'll continue posting my thoughts on what I read, but for the next few months since that will mostly be accounting and I don't want to put you to sleep, I will also post some original writing of mine - stories, poems, etc. - some written years ago, some written recently.. And we'll see where all of this goes! :)

Someday I hope to be
A person that is living
Have a soul that is free
And in the sky be flying.

Today I am mellow
The sky is a crisp blue
There is a bold fellow
Who of the world has a clue.

This fellow I hope to meet
Take a stroll in the park
See the path tread by his feet
And ask him for an ark.

I want him to save me
Truth shall be told
My protector is he
Who of the heart keeps hold.