Friday, December 21, 2012

The End of the World/New Year's Resolution

So today is supposedly the end of the world.

In the event that I survive, I want to live my life more fully. One of the things that has always given me immense satisfaction is reading a good book. What makes a book good is of course highly subjective, but for me a book that makes me feel good in some way or another, is a good book.

So I have a new project for myself. If I survive tonight, I have a project for the new year, and maybe even for the year after, but at least for 2013.

This is how it goes:

1) I pick a book - I've researched quite a few sources (TIME's all-time best books after 1923, The World Library's top 100, books my college English professor - Dr. Lynch - had recommended, and my own bookshelves that contain un-read titles I want to read) and created a massive list of potential books.

2) I follow these rules:
      - No less than 2 books a month
      - Different genre/country of origin for each consecutive book
      - I MUST finish the book

3) I will then do some writing based on the book I read - I think the ultimate purpose of this project is two fold - one is definitely to read some great books and widen my horizon in the sort of readings I do, and second is to make myself a better writer. It doesn't matter whether someone reads my work or not - I am a writer at heart and that is what matters, but I also know the ideas in my head need to manifest into words on paper (computer) and I need to research different techniques to know in which ways I want to write out my ideas. Hence, the need to read many different kinds of books.

4) I will blog (that will be a part of the writing component, but not all of it) about each book.

So there you have it! My new project if we survive this impending end.  Because there are too many books out there, and one lifetime is just not enough, it's about time I started making the most of it, don't you think so?

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