Saturday, February 27, 2016

I haven't done this in a while. A lot has happened, and at the same time nothing has changed. I'm still me - a little more reading done, a little more life under my belt - but still me. And that's the best part.

I recently finished reading a book called "Serving Crazy with Curry" by Amulya Malladi. This is an author I discovered a few years ago and this is the third book I read by her. What a versatile writer I must say - each book so unique. This particular one dealt a lot with healing through food. Cooking food, understanding how flavors that don't belong together actually go well together, healing and realizing that life events that shouldn't have happened to us do happen and sometimes make us who we are.

Food is really such a deep analogy for life. It makes us who we are, it defines our culture, it defines our personality. What we eat, what we try, what we despise. These are such personal choices, and yet they are in large part influenced by society. Our experiences are similar - very personal and yet society dictates how we should feel, how we should cope - what we should do to make things "better".

But just like with food, we have to learn to sort through the "acceptable" and find the "this works for me". For a long time now I haven't been able to write on this blog or on any public media. My thoughts, feelings, ideas have become very personal - I have been writing, but just for myself. I think this is the next step in my healing though, I'm finally ready to get back to this. To get back to writing for you, reader. My writing is still very deeply personal, but I'm a little less afraid now, I'm a little more ok with sharing now. Life certainly has changed, but still I am me, and I am back.